Refuge L.P.O - Campsite the Safrière

For almost seven years, our campsite has signed the Convention "My establishment is a refuge L.P.O (Refuge for the Protection of Birds) and is committed to respecting the Charter of Refuges.



Nathalie and François pledge to preserve nature and improve biodiversity on our Refuge L.P.O. and to respect the following principles:


Protecting birds and nature

Prevent planting of more resistant species adapted to local fauna

Renounce chemicals by adopting manual weeding techniques and preferring natural fertilizers (compost, nettle manure etc.)

Eco-citizen gestures (recovery of rainwater and recycling of household waste). Our chickens take care of it and we do it well: fresh eggs !!

PS: All photos have been taken in the campsite and surroundings by ourselves


While coming to our campsite, you will be able to observe many species of birds become rare like the blackbird, the swallows, the so-called torchepot, blue and black tits, green woodpecker .... and other more wild species which come from the Park from the Marquenterre to nest at the end of the campsite like the shelducks and the gray herons.


From the spring, you can discover and participate in the Bird Festival which, each year, is a great success for nature lovers.