Must see absolutely   - Camping La Safrière

Different sites to discover and explore

Many activities are offered in season and get outside in the Somme Bay

  • Bike rides
  • Hikes, walks, horse, donkes rides, in the forest to Crécy en Ponthieu 
  • Canoé and kayak experience
  • Sea wading
  • For a trip round one of the loveliest bay in the world
  • Landsailing, Sailing
  • Kitesurfing
  • Golf 
  • To Fishing for prawns


 - Valloires Abbey and Garden - to Argoules

-  The Parc du Marquenterre - to Saint Quentin en Tourmont

-  The house of the Baie de Somme - to Lanchères

-  Aquaclub de Belle Dune - to Fort Mahon

-  Golf de Belle Dune - Fort Mahon

- Musée Picarvie - Saint Valery sur Somme

(Des coupons de réductions vous attendent à l'accueil du camping pour ces 5 sites) ; 

Others sites wait you ;

- The Frères Caudron Museum, the Belfry to Rue .L'histoire des Frères Caudron 

- La chapelle du Hamelet à Favières

 - La réserve de Grand-Laviers 

- The castle of Rambures

- Chinese cemetery to Noyelles sur Mer

- The battlefield to Crécy en Ponthieu


  • Salt marsh sheep 
  • Famous Gâteau battu
  • Samphire, prawns
  • Bouchot mussels and cockles
  • Picardy twine
  • Saffron to Ponthoile
  • jam sea buckthorn.........
  • Cider, Beer, Apple juce